Thursday, February 18, 2010

0 Mr. Jefferson | Free Lunch 2 [Mixtape]

1. Hello
2. Black Friday
3. Imagination feat. Hi-Jynx (Prod. By Keen-¥)
4. Broken Dreams
5. Never Felt This Way
6. I Got Bitches (#Based Freestyle)
7. Amoré (Prod. By Mathieu Cantona)
8. More Smoke
9. Road to Success
10. Interlude feat. King Mic
11. Supanova
12. Welcome
13. Lemonade feat. King Mic, TIME & Cashmere D

This is a quickstrike mixtape to keep the listeners in the loop until "A Day To Worship" album drops in a couple months. The mixtape also features #NT Secret Society members Hi-Jynx, Keen-Y, Mathieu Cantona, TIME and Cashmere D.

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